1. Yesterday, today, tomorrow

    It’s the morning after the long weekend before and it feels like I have woken up in the aftermath of a very short but intense war - a 115kg’s worth of hand-kneaded bread later I sure have the scars to prove it.

    The streets are empty today, the beach is deserted, the persistent humming of car engines and voices has been replaced by a howling, melancholy wind – as if the Easter weekend madness never happened.

    It’s time to replenish stocks, try new recipes and get back into the creative cooking groove as opposed to simply going through the motions. So I’ve got a fragrant whole grape confit bubbling away on the stove, and I am trying a few new recipes for Oep ve Koep’s winter menu.


    Apart from the herbs in my boat garden that have started going to seed, I can feel that Autumn is fast approaching as the light quality is different, almost wintry, and the constant sad wind has intensified the chill in the air. I think season has certainly breathed its last breath.

    I’m heading to Kalk Bay for a quick visit this afternoon. Can’t wait to wake up with sunrise over False Bay tomorrow and to see my favourite view, even if it is in the changing Autumn light.